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Every day ability

Or as popular wisdom says Fish looks for where is deeper, and the person where is better.Every day ability and desire to digestion of information are settled.And, at last, there comes such time approach to the next age dam is felt when it starts to be fenced off actively from it Everything that is necessary for me, I know!Also the new program of life consumer, at level of the TV, detectives, crossword puzzles, chatter, gossips, a lodyrnichaniye begins.It reliably fences off the school student with his feelings.It already exists in the past, expecting the fairy tale in rest.

I worked at two works

I was really suppressed and for nine months came back home.I worked at two works to save up a little money and to go on consultation.I collected all the forces and tried everything to begin with the beginning.It was strange to appear again at home, but it was necessary for me.I think, it caused the mixed feeling in parents.They got used to live in itself.But I really enjoyed return.Now I observe, how my twoyear son departs from mother and, having suddenly understood that left too far, is a little frightened and runs to it back.Probably, I arrived in the same way.John, thirty one years John's history to much will seem to the acquaintance.

It turns

Teenagers want changesand.It turns out that natural mission women – to be the teacher.Involves the fact that it can push men in the direction of the new world and new model of behavior.m It is necessary mother to the child, the wife to the husband and the general female part in relation to a man's part chelovechestvo.Women should become more organizobathrooms and to understand how to awaken in the man requirement in the spiritual.And if they felt that their bright future depends on the man's part, obliged to execute it is assigned ny on it a work share, the neglect projected on the man who is not answering to these criteria, their internal trethe bovaniye would force it, as small child, potoroto be drunk to execute that is put in it by the nature.


Attention! The assistant is urgently necessary to the ingenious detective You remember the detective from the animated film the Bremen musicians He very much was proud of that it has a scent as at a do and an eye as at .To become his assistant, it is necessary to be very attentive, to be able to see one look everything around, not to miss any detail.Whether you will consult with such difficult task Let's check.The note for parents Hang up before the child at level of his eyes, at distance of , meters, a sheet of paper with drawn and the center around.

We, parents, often

If she disposed to expose it or caused police, it would miss rare possibility to get the valuable ally.We, parents, often miss gold instants when it is possible to deepen sincere communication with sons because us irritates or frightens their behavior or their words.I came here to splash out on you the anger because my mother went balmy.When I will state all this, I can think more clearly.I can formulate everything that I want to make or tell it.But if I try to make it now before I will lay out the offenses, balls at me in brains will drop in for rollers and I will go mad.

Pay its attention

to see each word entirely, without merging it with a standing row.Readin the child compares a word vision to the sound.Pay its attention on that cunning letters it not only unaccented vowels, but also sonants at the end of words an oak.honey after all; their volume it is necessary to emphasize.ChistogovorkiAnd now again we will return to the last occupation of the last section see occupation , undressed Learning a chistogovorok.Let's remember chistogovorka which we then read.If you forgot, I will prompt the beginning.

Socially motivated

Our bargaining did not assume any opposition of participants and occurred without any tension and efforts from our party after I understood, in what business.I do not think, that our way of conducting the bargaining sometime could become same civilized, as at .I gave this case for an example showing how the behavior ordered by customs, can become accepted if in society from his members are expected social instead of antisocial motives.Socially motivated individuals will follow the order got in society even then when the standard customs are less pleasant and attractive.For example, at Indians , whose culture strikingly differs from culture , it is possible to attack the village of other sanemsky clan, to steal more young women and to kill as much as possible men.

You facilitate

quite often on condemnation.That not less, would be very useful, that time from time, as an example, you would allow benka to understand the reason of orders.You facilitate to it obedience, having involved that most its abilities to judgment and its heart, if will let to it know, why it should .And in day when you will not open to it the reasons, it, royatno, all the same willingly will obey, knowing that yours instructions always have under themselves the kind bases.Do not talk despotic tone; let from yours lips does not fly constantly I want it, I order; my desire the law..Sometimes it serves force zatelstvo, but often such approach a sign weaknesses to that the child will submit not for long.

If from the very

She simply will not want to let the child go.When he will start to cry, this signal about the help directly will reach it heart and will not be distorted by fabrications of experts on the care of the child.If from the very beginning to follow the correct way, the ancient instinct will soon wake up in it and will begin to define all its actions, for a continuum powerful force which constantly aspires to a predominating role in behavior of the person.The feeling of correctness tested by mother which behaves in a consent with the nature, will play where a big role in fixing of a principle of a continuity in it, than all theory stated in this book.


Certainly, there are rules sensible smys and experience which are necessary for knowing unfortunately, to many parents they are not known!, but in and saying Each child separate tea.Besides, as the child is in process of continuous development, it is necessary to apply to it a set of different methods depending on its age.Your task is difficult also because not happens simply to understand the child and in accuracy at that occurs in its small to head.Reaction of children is not always impulsive some reactions are slowed down.Sometimes to consequences of an old act, word, lives which we, adult, did not accept in mania.

Offered below

WE LEARN TO READ QUICKLYAbstracts of classes in improvement of skill of readingWORK AT READING POSLOGOVOGO'S STAGE The note for parents To work over improvement of skill of reading it is necessary in two on boards improving a way of reading and eliminating various difficulties and shortcomings which you determined by the Main table.Offered below occupation include and the various exercises improving quality of reading.You defined, what your child is at a stage of poslogovy reading or experiences difficulties which can be overcome, having returned on this level Then start to work, since the very first occupation.

That you did not doubt, dear

Destroys, without knowing that creates.That you did not doubt, dear reader, that the jet person considers itself by the carrier of truth, good and beauty, try to answer such questions.Why the Boor and Canaan, and then Nimrod operated unnaturally Why the Famethirsty person burned Artemis's temple in the Hilt Why teenagers assimilate to vandals and destroy everything round itself, being amused such game Why children some, not all quickly learn to use cunnin be lazy, use blackmail, become bootlickers etc.


The grant is intended for carrying out about followings of the sound party of speech of children on ceremonious from early age also contains tasks on inspection of a pronunciation of sounds of wounds it and late .For the first time the detailed description is presented normirovanny and defective pronunciation vowels and Russian consonants with use of symbols International fonetichesky alphabet.STIMULNY MATERIAL FOR THE LOGOPEDIC INSPECTIONS OF CHILDREN YEARS Folder, .silt.Format Authors it is developed new by Dee agnostic set for logopeyes interesting illustrative material and methodical rekomendatsiya to it, allowing with high degree of reliability to define uro developments of the various parties of speech of the child of years and to plan napravleniya of correctional work.

Let's say in group

I organized similar societies and the organizations and would open in them every possible clubs which would involve youth.Getting to such society, the young man, without suspecting about it, it will appear in such environment which can change it.and.Me the question apropos formatiinterestsrovaniye – formations of the person.Let's say in group of the popTeenagers want changesthe young man inclined to violence gives.If it leaves from this Wednesday, such properties, as aggression and tendency to violence, will return, or society is capable completely to alter, change it from withinl m Everything depends on as far as the person appreciates this society rather any other, in which it on it is gone.

That the child

At work with words seldom meeting in children's speech pay attention first of all to a semantic aspect completely realized dictionary material is acquired easier.Having worked over understandin pass to reading equipment.Say at first, and then together with the child the word which has caused difficulty.Make hundred several times, gradually accelerating.Thus to the pupil it is necessary not only to hear and say a word, but also to see its graphic image.That the child was not distracted by words adjoining in the text, offer the manual which is easy for making independently.$.Prepare cardboard cards in length andin the width , $ see Ma them printing letters zapiboard by one problem word.

All this does

It also is education.I understand that to you not is suffered to ask and where rights of an individual Really we we do not leave to the person any freedom of action! Where it itself Answer no freedom is present.and.It is remembered, you spoke about need to learn the child to how to work with behavior templates, to train to flexibility in behavior to give to the child feeling of confidence in itself that he could distinguish, what behavior is adequate to the concrete environment.All this does not occur automatically.m It does not occur automatically because, that in our arsenal there is a set of samples.

It simply

As well as mother of the boy, it was absolutely weakened and at all did not empathize the husband.It simply was together with it, and it could bury the person it in a stomach when pain was especially intolerable, or with we cry to turn the head here and there on her knees.Thus there was a village half that as it seems to me, he was not excited at all, and he did not try neither to dramatize the events, nor to hide the feelings.The woman lives with mother while that will not die, but the man after a marriage leaves the mother and enters into a family of the wife therefore in crisis situations of the wife quite often play a role of mother in relation to husbands.

The words

And how you think, to whom the man whom he respects most bowedYou spelled what words You read what words how they are written, instead of how are said, that is spelling way Read once again all fragment and prepare for reading for a while.On reading a fragment one minute is allocated for you.Began! Stop! Count quantity of words which you managed to read in a minute.Write down it on a leaflet.The words consisting of one letter, do not enter into calculation.If you want to learn, than the fairy tale ended, open the book on page The note for parents This time not all difficult words were placed on a sloayesny short flight of stairs.

It can be organized

and.One of principles of our work, about which all of us tell time, consists that the instructor should to offer a form for expression of any manifestation egoiz or the wrong interaction between people.In that iswhom a case no phenomenon will turn into fight and not will get out of hand.It can be organized in a look games or in other form.m All should be seen off through group.It prin which we never break.Whatever occur Solution of the problem of violenceand unity in group between us, we should involve in it all the others.We learn that everything that we do, we do within group, we never address to the child.

Both treatment, and a vypuskaniye

Respectively treatment finishing of juice to the moderated proportional quantities, admissible for healthy; clarification a catharsis by their vypuskaniye.Juice blood, slime, bile it is necessary to do to Vypuskaniye, when the person is unhealthy and feels in the natural state other experiences or sufferings.Both treatment, and a vypuskaniye of juice clarification leads to that the person recovers itself health.His internal state gains harmony.The correct regularity of the juice, the necessary ratio of that juice return the person in a condition when the brain is quiet, and the person can sensibly think again.

The best help

As it is very difficult to adult to communicate with young people, in a of the reference book of the timid student we offer a number of councils and recommendations which will help pupils of the senior classes and to students independently to overcome own shyness.The best help which parents in this case can render it to promote that children read this .Then it is possible to help indirectly to the child, depending on his age, to gain selfconfidence and to get rid of excessive shyness.The main thing governed if you want to help to get rid to the teenager of shyness, never speak to it Be not such timid! Remember that still anybody and never got rid of a phobia, having simply heard about it from lips of other person.

They cannot

Children cannot make the complaint and bring an action the claim.They cannot go to authorities and protest.They cannot correlate the terrible sufferings with the reason of these sufferings at all and rejoice, when their mother, at last, comes home.In our society of the right arise not because someone suffered, but because someone complained about it.The most primitive rights are given to animals and that in few countries.In the same way the indigenous people which does not have the intermediary through which it is possible to declare the rights, are deprived of those rights with which their conquerors allocate each other.

From all known

The example of the human children who have been grown up by animals, visually shows importance of the appropriate environment for achievement by the individual of a level of development inherent in its look.From all known cases Amala's history and her sister Kamala which since the childhood were brought up by wolves in the jungle of India is, perhaps, best of all documented.After girls found in the jungle, them placed in an orphanage.The priest Sinkh with the wife tried to teach them to life in human society.But all diligence were vain.Unfortunate girls and continued to huddle bared on corners of the rooms in the situation inherent in wolves.

The deduced

Other factors which were not getting under an emotional obdelennost owing to a lack of parent attention, were excluded from research after careful studying of collected information.The deduced statistics and the description of separate destinies revealed a terrible picture.Here personal tragedies of tens, hundreds, thousand children; pity existence which is dragged by unfortunate children; the hardened souls of those to whom got most; the people who forever have lost ability to appreciate and love that is to learn life in its beauty.Right there and what still fight for the right to be darlings, for the sake of it they are ready to lie, steal, take by force, as bloodsucker, on image of the mother, to degrade to behavior of the baby which still lives inside and thirsts for attention and experience.


The nature is wise, it provided everything.Except one mad and thoughtless parental initiative.Parental factor.One familiar little girl so explainedto me word meaning nightmare the nightmare it when the child wants to walk, and mother speaks Go to eat! Problem children that is those who creates problems to parents, refusing tasty and healthy food can be divided into three groups conditionally The child when eats, when there is no, that is there is a temporary loss of appetite.The child constantly as soon as business concerns a breakfast dinnerdinner, is capricious andor at the table That I do not want, it I will not be.


As a result we have the personified development of the pupil which does not concern the natural the pupil turns into the registrar of the facts the erudite, the personwidelyread, but not the effective.Effective it can become, when his thinkin feelings and imagination peculiar and purely human tools will work irrespective of age with optimum loading.Over what to work Over specially processed pedagogical material.What Material of culture of mankind sciences, arts, equipment and technology of industrial production.Because this material result of productive work of thinkin feelings and imagination of talents and geniuses.

There comes

Leading parent rises in the center of a circle and designates what color.On whom is clothes of the called color, hides hands for a back also remains on a place, and the others try about to be torn through the circle center.Leading them.Whom , that also drives.Game is carried out times.There comes a turn of the following game.At the open door, one for another, rolls multicolored hoops, and behind them poyavlya the guest of family club Gantelkin it is in advance prepared the ny parent the member of family club.He vigorously welcomes clubmen also suggests to play with multicolored hoops game Planes.

And now try to solve

Your help is again necessary to the ingenious detective solve the confidential codeGuess, what words are ciphered on pictures.The comma at the left or to the right of drawing shows that the first or last letter of the word ciphered in the image needs to be cleaned.Let's try guess, what word is ciphered in the first rebus.We clean the last letter from the word LASH as after drawing there is a comma.To a letter U we add the turnedout word.It turns out to At + PLEG the COUPLET.And now try to solve other rebuses.Note the right answers are given in the Appendix on Gb page.Exercise No.WizardNechitaylo again .Return everything on the places Words stood one after another that it was possible to make the small story of them.

Having learned

Absolutely improbably, that many of forty usual fires in day were begun deliberately, but those who by the negligence became the ignition reason, most likely, knew that is not obligatory to be unduly accurate if the fire brigade arrives immediately.Having learned about change in responsibility distribution, they unconsciously acted more carefully, and the number of ignitions fell to %.In the same way in Tokyo, the largest city of the world, frequency of fires is always lower, than in the majority of the large cities.Most likely, it is caused by that many houses are built of a tree and a cardboard and in some quarters the fire would extend with catastrophic speed; thus it would be extremely difficult to fire trucks to overcome streets very close and densely filled with cars.

It seems that

They are very imprudent and vulnerable for police their brothels at all on a look, they unfairly risk the life and freedom, but steadily write off the arrest that someone put them, or on other circumstances.It is noticed that the main emotional line of the addict is the huge unwillingness to assume responsibility for the life.According to stories of one psychiatrist when his patient addict saw other patient connected to the medical ventilation apparatus, she became indignant and demanded to itself the same device.It seems that that feeling which gives heroin, is very similar to feelings which are tested by the child on hands at mother.Long and aimless searches something inexplicable and pointless come to an end, as soon as the heroin addict enters the dose and feels required feeling.

And here

It is necessary for us to pull out them from this.In that place where feelings eclipse reason, – nothing podeyou bark.We need to lift them on the following step.To what we should come To unity.In it the creation Purpose consists.We wish that or not, we are obliged to make it.And if we let's not make it, the nature will oblige us to it, adjusting in blows.And here we are powerless we cannot escape from them or to answer the nature with the same.The mankind is very small and weak group of people, which as if the small child, costs and cries, without knowin what occurs and what still expects it That is why unity for us it is obligatory.


Insufficient concentration and stability of attention it is difficult to the child during long Maine to keep attention, without distracting and without weakening it.Insufficient randomness of attention an oyebenok finds it difficult to focus attention on demand.Insufficient volume and attention distribution the child cannot carry out at the same time some kinds of activity.Third group of the reasons shortcomings of memory development Memory represents a complex of processes, by means of which people perceives, remembers, stores and reproducesinformation.


And who helped the hare At the end of occupation the cheerful and fervent melody Kama sounds rinsky.Questions What mood is transferred by this music At whom from our heroes at the end of the fairy tale became same mood The adult includes cheerful music and offers the child splyaSAT favourite dance, then asks And what at us now mood LRUGIYE OPTIONS Reading poem of S.Marshak of Glove.Questions In what mood kotyatka came running to mother What mood became at mother As her mood when kotyatka found perchangedchatka Show.What mood became at a kotyatok at the end of the poem The adult asks the child to transfer more precisely a mimicry and nakedcatfish different moods of heroes.

In this regard

Further the teenager or refuses fromthem, or alters or expands them.In this regard psychological interactive uprazhneniya extremely promote development of teenagers, the Benefit giving that important vital questions rise into circle of contemporaries, various cases are thus discussed,opinions and the purposes, the teenager has a possibility to comparethe point of view with a position of others.It not only stalkiva with habitual and clear to it views, but also polucha possibility to wonder that is still possible in this to a sieve atsiya what is applicable in life, what I want and what I canThe main sections of this book contain the description psycho the logic procedures directed on the decision somethe vital problems teenage and youthful a cart .

For parents

Little by little the newborn gains experience.And it starts to work the child recognizes mother, greets her with a smile.For parents pleasure to describe which there are no words.So, the child made a huge jump it seized the simplest form of reproduction reflected, first of all faces of mother, her mental condition.Here it is already possible to speak and about perception, about an image of the subject being out of the child.If earlier external there was only a feeling something flashed, something was any sound, something smells, already there is an image of a subject its direct reflection.

In any case, to listen

It after all does it not maliciously, wishing to annoy mother once again.In any case, to listen actively means to hear each word and that is covered behind words.To be able to hear what the child does not finish speakin but that him very much disturbs and excites.As good example to the aforesaid the history told by one woman, mother of the thirteenyear girl can serve.When her daughter left elementary school, this woman decided to make as a gift repair in her room.As a result instead of gratitude she heard from the girl that that hates the new room.I could not understand in any way why Linda did not like a room.

With their

Here is how time here arise and moral senses work.With their help the communication channel for an exchange of energy and information between acting person and a community of people is created with assessment mediation an activity product by them.can object overcoming resistance of the altered subject, the purpose and means of its transformation, the person spends energy.But it is an external picture of activity visible to the extraneous viewer.Actually the person in a subject of own actions, receives in it the feelings, thinkin imagination, psychomotor abilities and a part of the .All richness of own soul.And from where there is a pleasure, pleasure, pleasure and at last happiness After all we only spend ourselves.

First of all, the school

It is necessary for them, differently they will simply blow up, and them keep in a class where they should sit and not move.We do not understand, how it is difficult to overcome it, and what efforts they should do in general to go to school.In them on such tension to which then it is necessary to give a house discharge, on the street and so on.and.What to do with violence casesm To change school.First of all, the school should to correspond to the modern person.It cannot OST same, as fifty years ago …and.Ulyanov Hundred fifty years.m Truly, hundred fifty.


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