Both treatment, and a vypuskaniye

Both treatment, and a vypuskaniye Respectively treatment finishing of juice to the moderated proportional quantities, admissible for healthy; clarification a catharsis by their vypuskaniye.

Juice blood, slime, bile it is necessary to do to Vypuskaniye, when the person is unhealthy and feels in the natural state other experiences or sufferings.

Both treatment, and a vypuskaniye of juice clarification leads to that the person recovers itself health.

His internal state gains harmony.

The correct regularity of the juice, the necessary ratio of that juice return the person in a condition when the brain is quiet, and the person can sensibly think again.

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The best help

The best help As it is very difficult to adult to communicate with young people, in a of the reference book of the timid student we offer a number of councils and recommendations which will help pupils of the senior classes and to students independently to overcome own shyness.

The best help which parents in this case can render it to promote that children read this .

Then it is possible to help indirectly to the child, depending on his age, to gain selfconfidence and to get rid of excessive shyness.

The main thing governed if you want to help to get rid to the teenager of shyness, never speak to it Be not such timid! Remember that still anybody and never got rid of a phobia, having simply heard about it from lips of other person.

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