It simply

It simply As well as mother of the boy, it was absolutely weakened and at all did not empathize the husband.

It simply was together with it, and it could bury the person it in a stomach when pain was especially intolerable, or with we cry to turn the head here and there on her knees.

Thus there was a village half that as it seems to me, he was not excited at all, and he did not try neither to dramatize the events, nor to hide the feelings.

The woman lives with mother while that will not die, but the man after a marriage leaves the mother and enters into a family of the wife therefore in crisis situations of the wife quite often play a role of mother in relation to husbands.

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The words

The words And how you think, to whom the man whom he respects most bowedYou spelled what words You read what words how they are written, instead of how are said, that is spelling way Read once again all fragment and prepare for reading for a while.

On reading a fragment one minute is allocated for you.

Began! Stop! Count quantity of words which you managed to read in a minute.

Write down it on a leaflet.

The words consisting of one letter, do not enter into calculation.

If you want to learn, than the fairy tale ended, open the book on page The note for parents This time not all difficult words were placed on a sloayesny short flight of stairs.

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