And here

And here It is necessary for us to pull out them from this.

In that place where feelings eclipse reason, – nothing podeyou bark.

We need to lift them on the following step.

To what we should come To unity.

In it the creation Purpose consists.

We wish that or not, we are obliged to make it.

And if we let's not make it, the nature will oblige us to it, adjusting in blows.

And here we are powerless we cannot escape from them or to answer the nature with the same.

The mankind is very small and weak group of people, which as if the small child, costs and cries, without knowin what occurs and what still expects it That is why unity for us it is obligatory.

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Insufficient Insufficient concentration and stability of attention it is difficult to the child during long Maine to keep attention, without distracting and without weakening it.

Insufficient randomness of attention an oyebenok finds it difficult to focus attention on demand.

Insufficient volume and attention distribution the child cannot carry out at the same time some kinds of activity.

Third group of the reasons shortcomings of memory development Memory represents a complex of processes, by means of which people perceives, remembers, stores and reproducesinformation.

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Questions And who helped the hare At the end of occupation the cheerful and fervent melody Kama sounds rinsky.

Questions What mood is transferred by this music At whom from our heroes at the end of the fairy tale became same mood The adult includes cheerful music and offers the child splyaSAT favourite dance, then asks And what at us now mood LRUGIYE OPTIONS Reading poem of S.

Marshak of Glove.

Questions In what mood kotyatka came running to mother What mood became at mother As her mood when kotyatka found perchangedchatka Show.

What mood became at a kotyatok at the end of the poem The adult asks the child to transfer more precisely a mimicry and nakedcatfish different moods of heroes.

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In this regard

In this regard Further the teenager or refuses fromthem, or alters or expands them.

In this regard psychological interactive uprazhneniya extremely promote development of teenagers, the Benefit giving that important vital questions rise into circle of contemporaries, various cases are thus discussed,opinions and the purposes, the teenager has a possibility to comparethe point of view with a position of others.

It not only stalkiva with habitual and clear to it views, but also polucha possibility to wonder that is still possible in this to a sieve atsiya what is applicable in life, what I want and what I canThe main sections of this book contain the description psycho the logic procedures directed on the decision somethe vital problems teenage and youthful a cart .

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For parents

For parentsLittle by little the newborn gains experience.

And it starts to work the child recognizes mother, greets her with a smile.

For parents pleasure to describe which there are no words.

So, the child made a huge jump it seized the simplest form of reproduction reflected, first of all faces of mother, her mental condition.

Here it is already possible to speak and about perception, about an image of the subject being out of the child.

If earlier external there was only a feeling something flashed, something was any sound, something smells, already there is an image of a subject its direct reflection.

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In any case, to listen

In any case, to listen It after all does it not maliciously, wishing to annoy mother once again.

In any case, to listen actively means to hear each word and that is covered behind words.

To be able to hear what the child does not finish speakin but that him very much disturbs and excites.

As good example to the aforesaid the history told by one woman, mother of the thirteenyear girl can serve.

When her daughter left elementary school, this woman decided to make as a gift repair in her room.

As a result instead of gratitude she heard from the girl that that hates the new room.

I could not understand in any way why Linda did not like a room.

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