Socially motivated

Socially motivated Our bargaining did not assume any opposition of participants and occurred without any tension and efforts from our party after I understood, in what business.

I do not think, that our way of conducting the bargaining sometime could become same civilized, as at .

I gave this case for an example showing how the behavior ordered by customs, can become accepted if in society from his members are expected social instead of antisocial motives.

Socially motivated individuals will follow the order got in society even then when the standard customs are less pleasant and attractive.

For example, at Indians , whose culture strikingly differs from culture , it is possible to attack the village of other sanemsky clan, to steal more young women and to kill as much as possible men.

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You facilitate

You facilitate quite often on condemnation.

That not less, would be very useful, that time from time, as an example, you would allow benka to understand the reason of orders.

You facilitate to it obedience, having involved that most its abilities to judgment and its heart, if will let to it know, why it should .

And in day when you will not open to it the reasons, it, royatno, all the same willingly will obey, knowing that yours instructions always have under themselves the kind bases.

Do not talk despotic tone; let from yours lips does not fly constantly I want it, I order; my desire the law.


Sometimes it serves force zatelstvo, but often such approach a sign weaknesses to that the child will submit not for long.

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If from the very

If from the very She simply will not want to let the child go.

When he will start to cry, this signal about the help directly will reach it heart and will not be distorted by fabrications of experts on the care of the child.

If from the very beginning to follow the correct way, the ancient instinct will soon wake up in it and will begin to define all its actions, for a continuum powerful force which constantly aspires to a predominating role in behavior of the person.

The feeling of correctness tested by mother which behaves in a consent with the nature, will play where a big role in fixing of a principle of a continuity in it, than all theory stated in this book.

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ReactionCertainly, there are rules sensible smys and experience which are necessary for knowing unfortunately, to many parents they are not known!, but in and saying Each child separate tea.

Besides, as the child is in process of continuous development, it is necessary to apply to it a set of different methods depending on its age.

Your task is difficult also because not happens simply to understand the child and in accuracy at that occurs in its small to head.

Reaction of children is not always impulsive some reactions are slowed down.

Sometimes to consequences of an old act, word, lives which we, adult, did not accept in mania.

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Offered below

Offered belowWE LEARN TO READ QUICKLYAbstracts of classes in improvement of skill of readingWORK AT READING POSLOGOVOGO'S STAGE The note for parents To work over improvement of skill of reading it is necessary in two on boards improving a way of reading and eliminating various difficulties and shortcomings which you determined by the Main table.

Offered below occupation include and the various exercises improving quality of reading.

You defined, what your child is at a stage of poslogovy reading or experiences difficulties which can be overcome, having returned on this level Then start to work, since the very first occupation.

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That you did not doubt, dear

That you did not doubt, dear Destroys, without knowing that creates.

That you did not doubt, dear reader, that the jet person considers itself by the carrier of truth, good and beauty, try to answer such questions.

Why the Boor and Canaan, and then Nimrod operated unnaturally Why the Famethirsty person burned Artemis's temple in the Hilt Why teenagers assimilate to vandals and destroy everything round itself, being amused such game Why children some, not all quickly learn to use cunnin be lazy, use blackmail, become bootlickers etc.

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