In any case, to listen

In any case, to listen It after all does it not maliciously, wishing to annoy mother once again.

In any case, to listen actively means to hear each word and that is covered behind words.

To be able to hear what the child does not finish speakin but that him very much disturbs and excites.

As good example to the aforesaid the history told by one woman, mother of the thirteenyear girl can serve.

When her daughter left elementary school, this woman decided to make as a gift repair in her room.

As a result instead of gratitude she heard from the girl that that hates the new room.

I could not understand in any way why Linda did not like a room.

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With their

With their Here is how time here arise and moral senses work.

With their help the communication channel for an exchange of energy and information between acting person and a community of people is created with assessment mediation an activity product by them.

can object overcoming resistance of the altered subject, the purpose and means of its transformation, the person spends energy.

But it is an external picture of activity visible to the extraneous viewer.

Actually the person in a subject of own actions, receives in it the feelings, thinkin imagination, psychomotor abilities and a part of the .

All richness of own soul.

And from where there is a pleasure, pleasure, pleasure and at last happiness After all we only spend ourselves.

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First of all, the school

First of all, the school It is necessary for them, differently they will simply blow up, and them keep in a class where they should sit and not move.

We do not understand, how it is difficult to overcome it, and what efforts they should do in general to go to school.

In them on such tension to which then it is necessary to give a house discharge, on the street and so on.


What to do with violence casesm To change school.

First of all, the school should to correspond to the modern person.

It cannot OST same, as fifty years ago …and.

Ulyanov Hundred fifty years.

m Truly, hundred fifty.

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