They cannot

They cannotChildren cannot make the complaint and bring an action the claim.

They cannot go to authorities and protest.

They cannot correlate the terrible sufferings with the reason of these sufferings at all and rejoice, when their mother, at last, comes home.

In our society of the right arise not because someone suffered, but because someone complained about it.

The most primitive rights are given to animals and that in few countries.

In the same way the indigenous people which does not have the intermediary through which it is possible to declare the rights, are deprived of those rights with which their conquerors allocate each other.

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From all known

From all knownThe example of the human children who have been grown up by animals, visually shows importance of the appropriate environment for achievement by the individual of a level of development inherent in its look.

From all known cases Amala's history and her sister Kamala which since the childhood were brought up by wolves in the jungle of India is, perhaps, best of all documented.

After girls found in the jungle, them placed in an orphanage.

The priest Sinkh with the wife tried to teach them to life in human society.

But all diligence were vain.

Unfortunate girls and continued to huddle bared on corners of the rooms in the situation inherent in wolves.

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The deduced

The deducedOther factors which were not getting under an emotional obdelennost owing to a lack of parent attention, were excluded from research after careful studying of collected information.

The deduced statistics and the description of separate destinies revealed a terrible picture.

Here personal tragedies of tens, hundreds, thousand children; pity existence which is dragged by unfortunate children; the hardened souls of those to whom got most; the people who forever have lost ability to appreciate and love that is to learn life in its beauty.

Right there and what still fight for the right to be darlings, for the sake of it they are ready to lie, steal, take by force, as bloodsucker, on image of the mother, to degrade to behavior of the baby which still lives inside and thirsts for attention and experience.

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Parental The nature is wise, it provided everything.

Except one mad and thoughtless parental initiative.

Parental factor.

One familiar little girl so explainedto me word meaning nightmare the nightmare it when the child wants to walk, and mother speaks Go to eat! Problem children that is those who creates problems to parents, refusing tasty and healthy food can be divided into three groups conditionally The child when eats, when there is no, that is there is a temporary loss of appetite.

The child constantly as soon as business concerns a breakfast dinnerdinner, is capricious andor at the table That I do not want, it I will not be.

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Effective As a result we have the personified development of the pupil which does not concern the natural the pupil turns into the registrar of the facts the erudite, the personwidelyread, but not the effective.

Effective it can become, when his thinkin feelings and imagination peculiar and purely human tools will work irrespective of age with optimum loading.

Over what to work Over specially processed pedagogical material.

What Material of culture of mankind sciences, arts, equipment and technology of industrial production.

Because this material result of productive work of thinkin feelings and imagination of talents and geniuses.

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There comes

There comes Leading parent rises in the center of a circle and designates what color.

On whom is clothes of the called color, hides hands for a back also remains on a place, and the others try about to be torn through the circle center.

Leading them.

Whom , that also drives.

Game is carried out times.

There comes a turn of the following game.

At the open door, one for another, rolls multicolored hoops, and behind them poyavlya the guest of family club Gantelkin it is in advance prepared the ny parent the member of family club.

He vigorously welcomes clubmen also suggests to play with multicolored hoops game Planes.

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And now try to solve

And now try to solve Your help is again necessary to the ingenious detective solve the confidential codeGuess, what words are ciphered on pictures.

The comma at the left or to the right of drawing shows that the first or last letter of the word ciphered in the image needs to be cleaned.

Let's try guess, what word is ciphered in the first rebus.

We clean the last letter from the word LASH as after drawing there is a comma.

To a letter U we add the turnedout word.

It turns out to At + PLEG the COUPLET.

And now try to solve other rebuses.

Note the right answers are given in the Appendix on Gb page.

Exercise No.

WizardNechitaylo again .

Return everything on the places Words stood one after another that it was possible to make the small story of them.

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