And now try to solve

And now try to solve Your help is again necessary to the ingenious detective solve the confidential codeGuess, what words are ciphered on pictures.

The comma at the left or to the right of drawing shows that the first or last letter of the word ciphered in the image needs to be cleaned.

Let's try guess, what word is ciphered in the first rebus.

We clean the last letter from the word LASH as after drawing there is a comma.

To a letter U we add the turnedout word.

It turns out to At + PLEG the COUPLET.

And now try to solve other rebuses.

Note the right answers are given in the Appendix on Gb page.

Exercise No.

WizardNechitaylo again .

Return everything on the places Words stood one after another that it was possible to make the small story of them.


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