Every day ability

Every day ability Or as popular wisdom says Fish looks for where is deeper, and the person where is better.

Every day ability and desire to digestion of information are settled.

And, at last, there comes such time approach to the next age dam is felt when it starts to be fenced off actively from it Everything that is necessary for me, I know!Also the new program of life consumer, at level of the TV, detectives, crossword puzzles, chatter, gossips, a lodyrnichaniye begins.

It reliably fences off the school student with his feelings.

It already exists in the past, expecting the fairy tale in rest.

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I worked at two works

I worked at two works I was really suppressed and for nine months came back home.

I worked at two works to save up a little money and to go on consultation.

I collected all the forces and tried everything to begin with the beginning.

It was strange to appear again at home, but it was necessary for me.

I think, it caused the mixed feeling in parents.

They got used to live in itself.

But I really enjoyed return.

Now I observe, how my twoyear son departs from mother and, having suddenly understood that left too far, is a little frightened and runs to it back.

Probably, I arrived in the same way.

John, thirty one years John's history to much will seem to the acquaintance.

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It turns

It turnsTeenagers want changesand.

It turns out that natural mission women – to be the teacher.

Involves the fact that it can push men in the direction of the new world and new model of behavior.

m It is necessary mother to the child, the wife to the husband and the general female part in relation to a man's part chelovechestvo.

Women should become more organizobathrooms and to understand how to awaken in the man requirement in the spiritual.

And if they felt that their bright future depends on the man's part, obliged to execute it is assigned ny on it a work share, the neglect projected on the man who is not answering to these criteria, their internal trethe bovaniye would force it, as small child, potoroto be drunk to execute that is put in it by the nature.

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Whether Attention! The assistant is urgently necessary to the ingenious detective You remember the detective from the animated film the Bremen musicians He very much was proud of that it has a scent as at a do and an eye as at .

To become his assistant, it is necessary to be very attentive, to be able to see one look everything around, not to miss any detail.

Whether you will consult with such difficult task Let's check.

The note for parents Hang up before the child at level of his eyes, at distance of , meters, a sheet of paper with drawn and the center around.

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We, parents, often

We, parents, often If she disposed to expose it or caused police, it would miss rare possibility to get the valuable ally.

We, parents, often miss gold instants when it is possible to deepen sincere communication with sons because us irritates or frightens their behavior or their words.

I came here to splash out on you the anger because my mother went balmy.

When I will state all this, I can think more clearly.

I can formulate everything that I want to make or tell it.

But if I try to make it now before I will lay out the offenses, balls at me in brains will drop in for rollers and I will go mad.

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Pay its attention

Pay its attention to see each word entirely, without merging it with a standing row.

Readin the child compares a word vision to the sound.

Pay its attention on that cunning letters it not only unaccented vowels, but also sonants at the end of words an oak.

honey after all; their volume it is necessary to emphasize.

ChistogovorkiAnd now again we will return to the last occupation of the last section see occupation , undressed Learning a chistogovorok.

Let's remember chistogovorka which we then read.

If you forgot, I will prompt the beginning.

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Socially motivated

Socially motivated Our bargaining did not assume any opposition of participants and occurred without any tension and efforts from our party after I understood, in what business.

I do not think, that our way of conducting the bargaining sometime could become same civilized, as at .

I gave this case for an example showing how the behavior ordered by customs, can become accepted if in society from his members are expected social instead of antisocial motives.

Socially motivated individuals will follow the order got in society even then when the standard customs are less pleasant and attractive.

For example, at Indians , whose culture strikingly differs from culture , it is possible to attack the village of other sanemsky clan, to steal more young women and to kill as much as possible men.

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